Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eli is 16 Months!

I can't believe how big he is getting! He is growing so much and starting to look more like a toddler and less than a baby, although he will always be my baby!

(this might be a long one)
So I decided to take Eli to get his haircut. I took him to the same place I took him last time because they did such a good job last time. His hair seems to grow pretty fast and it is a good thing because it is the worst haircut I have ever seen. As soon as we got there I had a gut feeling to just grab Eli and run, but I didn't listen to it. We walk in and the lady is on her cell phone and tells the person she will call them right back, then she tells me the credit machine isn't working and they can only take cash. Well I never have cash anymore so I was about to leave and she says she will try the credit card machine again. It worked so I paid for the haircut. Usually you are allowed to pick a movie from the wall, but she said there were already 2 tvs set up so he could either watch Nemo or a girlie movie. I picked Nemo even though I knew it wouldn't hold his attention. She then told me her grandson who is 1 isn't really into movies either. This surprised because she didn't look old enough to be a grandma. We go over to the car for him to sit in and it is covered in hair and I know from the sign in sheet they haven't had a customer in the last 5 hours. This is when I really wanted to run out of there. She then asks me when I am due and I tell her. She then tells me she just had a baby a week ago. I thought I must have misunderstood her but she said her little boy was 7 days old. She then starts cutting his hair. Just picking up random chunks and cutting. As she is cutting she keeps combing his hair over to the side. I had to tell her 3 different times that we just comb it forward. The entire haircut took about 5 minutes and she was pushing me out the door. She didn't even check to see if it was even everywhere and I didn't get a chance to look at it before she was cleaning off the chair. It wasn't until we got home that I actually got a chance to look at it and saw how terrible it was. I couldn't help but cry. It is uneven everywhere. The front is a mess, the top is very choppy and the back is probably the worst part. I don't think there is anyway to make it better without cutting it super short and I can't do that. I guess it is a good thing that Eli likes to wear his hat. And no matter what he will always be the cuttest lil guy ever! Here are a few pictures but they don't even show how bad it is.

He does look pretty cute in his hat!

So after that we decided to take Eli to Toysrus. We didn't buy him anything but he did get to ride on the Winnie The Pooh ride and he loved it. This was the first time he has ever gotten to ride one of these rides.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Family Trip to the Zoo!

Today started off with no plans other than to go to church but Mike had a great idea to take Eli to the zoo. We thought since today was the Indy 500 that maybe the zoo wouldn't be too crowded. It was such a blast. I had taken Eli to the zoo last fall and he liked it then, but I was excited to see what he thought of it now that he was a little bit older. He noticed a lot more this time, but I think his favorite was still the fish and the water animals. He loved standing next to the window and watching the fish swim, although he was scared of the sting rays and wanted me to hold him. He also really liked the penguins, which he called ducks! Right now the zoo has a special exhibit of Komodo Dragons which was really cool, they are so big. I am so glad we got to go today. I have been saying that I wanted to take Eli this summer before the baby comes and we have to move. We also wanted to go before it got too hot. Today was perfect. It was a little warm but it was cloudy and there was plenty of shade. It was the perfect day to go!

Reger Family at the zoo

Eli checking out the iguana and turtle

Checking out the giraffes with Mommy

Checking out the elephants with daddy

He liked watching the monkey babies

The fish were his favorite

"Mom, I want that fish"

I touched one of these sharks!

I think we wore him out!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Have an End Date!!!

My last day of babysitting will be July 10th. I can't wait! That is only 7 weeks away. It will be nice to have some time off before this baby arrives. Although it won't be like a vacation. I will be getting ready for the move to Iowa. It will still be nice to be done working and I won't be able to spend every minute packing and organizing, I will still have to take care of Eli. :-)

I only had to watch kids in the afternoon today. It was so nice. Eli and I went for a little walk around the neighborhood. We then stopped at the park. I tried putting Eli in the swing but again he didn't like it. Since there was nobody else at the park I just let him walk around. He had a blast checking everything out. I put him down the slide a few times and he loved it. I hope we will have more chances to do this throughout the summer.

Eli is talking more and more these days. It is so cute. I love to hear him try new words. They aren't always the most clear, but I know what he is saying. We have been working on some names. He can say Jack (for Aunt Jackie), Lily and Luke (2 of his many cousins), and Papaw and Mamaw. It is also fun to see what he knows. When I say lets get jammies on he runs over to the stairs. When I say lets go to bed he says Duck book because that is what we read before bed. I just love my little boy!

As of yesterday I am 25 weeks along in my pregnancy. I am feeling pretty good. A little more achy then I remember being with Eli. I am having some pain in my right hip and lower back, but it is bearable though. I am also having a little trouble sleeping. I am trying to sleep on my left side but I wake up several times and my hip hurts. Oh well. On the bright side I came across an article on Baby Center that said at 25 weeks gestation a baby has a 50-80% chance of surviving and by 27 weeks the baby has over 90% chance of surviving. This really surprised me. I know that a baby born that early could have many problems but I didn't know they had that much of a chance of surviving. Each and every week the baby stays in is a huge blessing.

This post needs some pictures!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It is Official!!

Our house is officially for sale.
They came by today and put the for sale sign in the yard and we have our first open house this Sunday. It is all starting to sink in that we are really going to be moving and I am starting to get a little nervous. I am very excited about moving to Iowa because I know that is what is best for our family right now and I know that Mike is really looking forward to getting his PhD, but right now there is just so much that is up in the air. I hope the house sells quickly and we that we can find the right place for us in Iowa. Then there is the question of when is this little boy going to arrive. It would be perfect if he showed up 3 weeks early like Eli, but we will just have to wait and see. So for now I am just trying not to stress about it! Here are a few pictures of the house.
The Front of the house
Living Room

Living Room/Kitchen

Dining Room/Toy Room

Master Bedroom

The Guest Room

The Office

Upstairs Game Room

Eli's Room
The backyard view
I absolutely love this house and it will be hard to leave it, especially Eli's room. But for now we are just asking for prayers that the house will sell and the rest of this pregnancy goes smoothly!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I had the best Mother's Day today. We went out for breakfast with my husbands parents and his sister and her family. I love to go out to eat for breakfast!!!!! Then this afternoon we headed to my sister's house to have a cookout. It was great. My mom and all of my sisters and their families were there. We weren't for sure if we would be able to see all of our family today but it worked in our favor and we were able to. Eli had a blast all day. Breakfast is his favorite meal of the day, and he got to play outside at my sister's house. He must have worn himself out because he was in bed by 7:30. The day itself felt like a gift to me, but I also got an amazing present. Mike gave me a digital picture frame!!!!! Now I need to go through all of my pictures on the computer and pick which ones I want on my frame. I am so excited about it!!! Eli also picked out a book for me to read to him. It is perfect. It is about a mommy and baby duck. Ducks right now are one of Eli's favorite things. We read the book together before Eli went to bed and he gave the ducks on each page a kiss!

Best Mother's Day ever!!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Reggie!!!

Our little Fur Baby is 4 years old today. He has been enjoying a very lazy day, just like every other day. :-) He got 2 new toys and a special treat to celebrate his Birthday!

This past week has been crazy around here. We are putting our house on the market and had a meeting with a realtor last night. So we have been cleaning and organzing like crazy. I have to say the house looks amazing. I hadn't realized how much junk we had accumulated over the past 2 years. We still have a little more to do before the realtor comes back tomorrow afternoon to take pictures. Mike has been working outside and in the garage all day. I have been trying to get some stuff done inside, but it isn't always easy with little ones running around.

The realtor said the house looked great but had a few suggestions for us. The first was to move the table into the dining room instead of the kitchen. Well that won't work because the dining room is our toy room and since I watch kids here at the house I need a toy room. He suggested making one of the extra bedrooms a toy room. Well I can't do that. All the bedrooms are upstairs. How can I get lunch ready or take the dogs outside or do anything with the kids upstairs. His 3rd suggestion was to open up the living room by moving the love seat. I understand his point, but the way we have the living room situated is to keep the kids out of the kitchen. If we move the love seat there will be no way to block the kids from the kitchen. I completely understand his suggestions, but there really is no way since I watch kids here at the house. Luckily he was very understanding. We are trying a few things to open up the livivng room and kitchen without making my day miserable. After we get everything cleaned and organized I am going to take some pictures of the house.

The realtor was very nice and seemed very positive about getting the house sold this summer. There are 9 houses for sale in our neighborhood, but ours is the only 4 bedroom house so that is a huge plus. Plus there is a little pond behind our house with a fountain. I am hoping that the house will sell quick so that we won't have to worry about it all summer. The realtor said that selling can be a very stressful process and that is the last thing I need.

I know there was nothing in my blog about this picture, but I thought it was too cute and had to share it. Eli is riding his train with his friend Kennedy.