Monday, July 30, 2012

Walking Girl!

Isabel is quickly becoming a walking girl!  She took her first steps the day after her birthday and she is walking quite a bit now!  Of course she hasn't wanted to walk at all when I would get the video camera out, silly girl.  I finally managed to get a quick video of her walking on my ipod yesterday!  I'm so proud of my big girl!
Isabel Annette walking!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our New Playground!

My mom surprised us at Isabel's birthday party with a new playground!  The boys have been so excited about it for 3 weeks and today we finally got it put together with the help of Papa!  It was a full days project to get it put together and the very second it was done we were outside playing on it!  All 3 kids  LOVE it and I can already tell we are going to get so much use out of it!

To say that we love it would be such an understatement!  I just know that we will get so much joy out of our playground!  Thank you mom for giving it to us and thank you Mike and Ron for spending an entire day putting it together! :-)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Isabel's 1 Year Check Up and Roseola

I took Isabel to her 1 year check up on Monday and she got a great report from the Dr.  She has seemed so big to me lately so I was anxious to see how much she had grown.  

Isabel's 1 Year Stats
Weight 21.3lbs 70%
Length 30in 75%
Head 71%
Gorgeous girl all ready for her check up
Waiting on the Dr
Isabel got a clean bill of health at her dr appointment but took a turn for the worse on Tuesday.  She woke up fine on Tuesday but seemed a little clingy, then Tuesday afternoon she had a fever.  It wasn't too high so I just assumed it was from the 2 top teeth that were coming in.  The fever stuck around all day Wednesday and Thursday.  She had no other symptoms so I was still thinking it could be teeth although at one point it got up to 102.5 and that is a little too high of a fever for teeth.  Finally she woke up this morning and was fever free!  I was glad that she was feeling better but was just kind of waiting for a rash to appear.  Eli had Roseola as a baby so I knew a fever with no other symptoms could be that.  Sure enough this afternoon I noticed a little rash on her neck and belly and it continued to spread throughout the evening.  I am glad she is feeling better but I definitely didn't mind all the cuddling this week.

Starting to not feel well on Tuesday
Cuddling with mommy on Wednesday
Poor girl just couldn't get comfortable
She had a hard time going to sleep Wednesday night
Still not feeling the best Thursday morning
Giving mommy a little smile
Cooling off with some frozen peaches

Poor girl was miserable at times :-(
Late Thursday night as she struggled to go to sleep

Taking her morning nap on mommy

Fever free this morning

The rash on her neck

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

29 and Feeling Fine!

Today I turned 29 and I had such a wonderful birthday with my little family!  We enjoyed a nice relaxing evening at home with my favorite dinner, Pizza Hut!  I feel so very blessed and I am excited to see what this year holds for me and my family of 5.  Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, it was a perfect day to turn 29.
What more could I ask for!
Me and my little guys!

Me and the little lady

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Isabel's Birthday Party

Isabel had a wonderful birthday party today!  We are so blessed to have such wonderful family to help us celebrate!  She got to wear the most adorable tutu that her Aunt Beth made her!  I love love love it!

Ready for her party!

Isabel was excited to have the big girl cousins come and spend the night!

Mommy and Isabel before the party

Our family of 5
The big cake
Isabel's cakes
The decorations
With the balloons

Isabel and her cake
With Papaw
Opening her presents
Climbing on the present

I was pretty excited about her picture frame!
Such a cute little lady!

Opening her big present from Papaw!
She was pretty excited about the water table! (so were the boys)

Isabel is definitely a Momma's girl!
Ready for some cake!
She did a pretty good job!

Big Brother Eli

Big brother Jude

I love our little family!
All done! :-)
Aunt Jackie and Isabel!
My very own little Pooh Bear
Mommy and Isabel (again) :-)

Such a sweetie pie
Grandma and Isabel
Cuddling with Papaw

Grandma with just a few of her grandkids
Isabel LOVES her new dolly stroller!

Aunt Jackie had to try on the tutu!

Big brothers joined in on the fun!
With her birthday balloons


"hey mom, where's the water"