Monday, November 28, 2011

Isabel's 4 Month Check Up

Isabel had her 4 month check up today, even though she is actually closer to 5 months old. :-) She is a very healthy little girl! She is 14lbs even and 25 3/4in long. That puts her in the 25th-50th% for weight and the 90th% for length. I have always said that she was going to be tall like her daddy because she has his long skinny toes. :-) She was supposed to get her 4 month shots today but our pediatricians office isn't doing vaccines right now so we have to get them through the health department. Hopefully we will get those soon since we are already almost a month behind schedule.
As always to make this post more fun, here are a few pictures from today:

My Pretty Little Girl!

I love her new headband!

She is getting so long!Those were excited to wear their new winter jammies tonight!

At almost 4 years old Eli still insists on wearing feetie pajamas! Look how excited he is!
Jude was excited about his Mickey jammies!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday!!

Isabel and I enjoyed some black Friday shopping at Walmart! We got there at 9:00, checked out at midnight, and then headed home! She was such a good girl!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

We Love The Moby!

I am so glad I have the Moby for Isabel and we use it every week! If I am taking all 3 kids somewhere by myself it is perfect to put Isabel in the Moby and the boys can either hold my hands, I can push the stroller or the cart with the boys in it. The boys have gotten to the point where they ask me if I've got the Moby when we leave the house. They have even had some Moby fun of there own!
Eli holding his monkey in his Moby!

Jude shopping like mommy, 2 kids in the cart and 1 in the Moby!

I do love my Moby, but as Isabel is getting bigger I can see that it will get harder to carry her in it for long periods of time. I am hoping to get an Ergo or a Beco for Christmas, a girl can hope! :-)

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall Fun

We have been having plenty of Fall Fun lately! The boys have loved seeing all the leaves change colors and start to fall. We have been talking so much about it and I love seeing them so eager to learn! We have actually had such great weather lately and have taken full advantage of it! Yesterday we headed to our neighborhood playground for probably the last time this year. While we were there the boys discovered the swings. I have tried to show them how to swing on their bellies before but they didn't want to try. Yesterday Eli saw some girls doing it and after they left he had to try it out. What do you know, he LOVED it! :-) Jude tried it too but he wasn't quite tall enough for these swings. Today the weather has been chilly and windy so we stayed inside and did some fun fall crafts. I love that the boys are getting into craft time! Takes me back to my teaching days!

Eli LOVING the swings!

Jude had fun at the playground too!Isabel's favorite thing to do at the playground :-)

Doing some reading today Our Fall trees
Colorful turkeys

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun Day!

We didn't do anything exciting today but we made sure to have lots of fun! I have been feeling like I am falling behind on cleaning the upstairs and getting laundry put away. I do most of the cleaning while the kids are asleep but can't really do much upstairs after they go to bed since we leave Eli's door wide open at night now. So today I decided to take the kids upstairs with me and let them play while I did some cleaning. We have some toys upstairs but we usually just bring them downstairs to play with them. We rarely play upstairs so the boys thought it was such a treat and had a blast. I brought up Isabel's floor mat to lay her on to play but then I noticed the exersaucer in the upstairs game room and decided to give it a try. She LOVED it! She looked around at the toys and her little face just lit up! I didn't get near as much cleaning done as I had hoped to. We had only been up there about 5 minutes before I noticed that Jude a dirty diaper so we came downstairs to change it and then went back up for another few minutes Eli needed to go to the bathroom and he wanted to use his potty seat so back downstairs we went. We got back upstairs and Isabel was over sitting in the exersaucer and wanted to be held. I did get a little cleaning and organizing done and the kids had fun while it lasted!

The boys playing together in Eli's bed!(this is a terrible picture but out of the 5 I took it was the best)

Isabel's 1st time in the exersaucer at 4 months

Love this face!

She liked this little guy's lights and music
Tonight the boys were having lots of fun with our magna doodle. Eli is always drawing and telling us what he draws and tonight Jude got in on it too!
Jude's balloon :-)Eli drew a picture of himself!! A head, arms, and legs! (this is from a few days ago but I love it)

While I was making dinner tonight Isabel was starting to get fussy and the little momma's girls just wanted her momma. I had about 10 minutes left to finish dinner and I didn't want to hold her by the stove so I decided to put her in the high chair booster seat and see how she did. She had so much fun!

My little girl is getting so big!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Isabel at 4 Months

My sweet little Isabel is 4 months old today and that just seems crazy to me! She is getting so big and it is going by way to fast. What happened to my tiny little baby. All of a sudden she is bubbly little girl with such a fun personality. I love this little girl so so much and she is most definitely a momma's girl. If I am not holding her she is watching me wherever I go. She always manages to find me with her eyes even if I am all the way across the room, I love it!
As if she isn't big enough, she seems to be going through another growth spurt and it seems to be disrupting her sleep. She was sleeping through the night 5-6 nights a week and now we are done to 1-2 nights a week. Hopefully we will be back to sleeping through the night soon.

Today we went to visit my sister Katie and her family. I jumped at the chance to get to see my new nephew Kamren again! He is such a sweet little guy and he definitely makes Isabel look big. The are only 3 1/2 months apart. The boys had a blast playing with their cousins Maya and Sunjay and I really enjoyed getting to visit with my mom and sisters Katie and Jackie. Adult interaction is sometimes rare for me. :-)

Isabel and her Pooh at 4 months

Look at how long she is!

"What is this thing Mom"
My big girl!
Ready to cheer on the Boilers(they didn't do so well)

Isabel (4 months) and Kamren (9 days)
Happy girl!Holding hands!Grandma Alice with the youngest 2 of her 17 grandkidsA fun bunch of cousins

Jude(2) Maya (5) Kamren(9days) Sunjay(almost 3) Isabel (4months) Eli(3)

Love this little 4 month old! She actually enjoys tummy time now Such a fun little lady!

I have gotten a picture of her sleeping on her pooh at 1, 2, and 3 months so of course I tried it today but it didn't work out the best and she started to wake up so this was the best I could get. I knew that tradition wouldn't last for too long but I had to keep trying and I am sure I will try again at 5 months. :-)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Big Day for Isabel

Today was a big day for miss Isabel. This morning she rolled from her belly to her back twice!!! So of course I immediately ran to get my camera to try to get it on video but no such luck. Eli was pretty excited and kept asking me to get her to roll again. We tried several times but she wouldn't do it again.

After her big adventure in rolling this morning she was getting tired so I decided to lay her down in her crib awake and after a few minutes she was asleep and slept for 90 minutes!
Such a big girl!

It has been such a big day that she is wide awake at 11:00pm. :-)

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Getting Isabel Ready For Bed

Isabel is a pretty good sleeper. On a good night she will sleep 10-11 hours but it isn't 100% consecutive. I have always swaddled her with a light receiving blanket but lately she has become quite the mover that she kicks out of it in no time and then moves all around in her crib. I thought maybe that meant it was time to be done swaddling so a few nights ago I put her down unswaddled. The first night she got up once in the middle of the night. I fed her and got her back to sleep no problem. I didn't think anything of it since she doesn't always sleep through the night. The next night I laid her down unswaddled again and she woke up twice, she hasn't done that in a few months. So I decided to go back to swaddling but now I use a swaddling blanket that velcros. Last night I got her all ready for bed and she slept for almost 11 hours. I hope she likes her new swaddle and continues to sleep like this because I really enjoy sleeping through the night. :-)

Step 1: a fresh diaper and a onesie

Step 2: some light weight jammiesStep 3: All swaddled up

Step 4: All snug in her blanket sleeper
Step 5: I nurse her into slumberland and off to bed she goes
Then in the morning she wakes up happy as can be