Monday, February 27, 2012

Isabel saying mama :-)

Isabel has been babbling for a while now but just recently her baby babbles turned into Mmmm Mmmm. Once I heard that we had to start working on mama. It didn't take long before she started saying mama and I was super happy! Both of the boys started with Dada so this is extra special! I tried and tried to get her to say it on camera but as soon as I would get the camera out she would stop. So this video is super short and she isnt even looking but she is definitely saying mama!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


We surprised the boys with a special trip to a Pacer's game since they were having a big sale of $6 tickets. The game that we picked just happened to be Boomer's birthday celebration! I was so excited to see how excited the boys would be! There were a few other NBA mascots there to help celebrate! It was such a fun fun night! The boys were thrilled! We didn't them where we were going and they both fell asleep on the way their. When we woke them up Eli said "it looks like we are at a Pacer's game!" Once we got inside we had to find Boomer! He was all set up with his friends to sign autographs. The boys walked right up to him and gave him high fives and then posed for a picture. They got a poster that said Happy Birthday Boomer and all of the mascots signed it! The boys had a blast watching the game. In between the 3rd and 4th quarter Boomer always does a dunk show and this time he had his Mascot friends dunk with him! Watching how excited the boys were was so much fun! I was a little worried about how Isabel would do. She got a little frightened the first time everyone cheered but after that she LOVED it and was all smiles. She even took a bottle for me in the 2nd half. I have tried giving her a bottle a few times since she was a baby and she would never take it. This was such an amazing surprise for the boys and the entire family had a blast!

Boomer and his friends

Blaze from the Trailblazers, Boomer, Grizz from the Grizzlies, Lucky from the Celtics, and Freddie from the Indiana Fever

Getting to see BoomerThe happiest boys!Eli ready to play for the Pacers!Jude ready to play too!Mommy and Isabel at the gameDaddy and the boys!
:-) Isabel had a blast too! Enjoying the game! Go PacersIsabel taking her bottle :-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Valentines!

We had an interesting Valentine's Day. The morning started with Jude throwing up his strawberry milk that he was so excited about. after that he just laid around on the couch until the afternoon when he started to perk up. Poor guy missed out on our fun Valentine's Day lunch. Eli had a heart shaped peanut butter and Jelly sandwich and some strawberry applesauce. We had a few hours of Valentine's fun after Jude was feeling better where we made Valentine's hats and colored some heart pictures. After I got the boys to bed and was trying to get Isabel to sleep she threw up all over me. Poor baby didn't feel well. It started out not so good, had a good middle and ended not so good. I sure do love these 3!
My 3 Valentines

Isabel looking very pretty for Valentine's DayEli with his new friend Spot
Jude not feeling well with his new puppy Buster
Isabel and her MinnieEli and his sandwich
Eli with his hat Jude with his hatIsabel and her hat

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Playground in February

Today was a chilly February day but yesterday felt like early spring. We have had several nice days lately but haven't had much of a chance to get out and enjoy them. All the daycare kids were picked up by 4:30 yesterday so I asked the boys if they wanted to go for a walk and of course they said yes. This was the first time that we have gone to the playground without the stroller. The boys held onto my hands and Isabel was in the Beco. We all enjoyed our time outside.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

My SUPER 7 Month Old! :-)

We are celebrating Super Bowl Sunday with the cutest little 7 month old around! This little lady is growing so fast and is just all kinds of fun! She is learning new things all the time and mommy may not be ready for it. :-)
In the last month we have started Isabel on some solids. She is loving it and can't get enough. So far she has had sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash. She has liked them all but she developed a rash after the squash so just to be safe the dr told us to avoid it for 2-3 months. Next on the menu is green beans. We have also started trying a sippy cup. I have been surprised how quickly she was able to use it. I took the stopper out first to show her their was water in it and then put the stopper back in and she immediately sucked on it to get the water! She doesn't ever drink to much but she is definitely able to get some water out.
Isabel is now a rolling machine! Front to back, back to front, she's everywhere! She is so fast too! This is something I am definitely not ready for. Neither of the boys were much of a roller. Now we have to make sure that their are no little toys on the floor when Isabel is. She has also started rolling over in her bed too and that I am definitely not ready for. I know that she is fine to sleep on her tummy now that she can roll both ways and she clearly has head control but it still worries me. There has been a handful of mornings that I have found her on her belly but the past few nights she has rolled to her belly as soon as I have laid her back down. Friday night I tried rolling her back over but of course she just woke up. So the last 2 nights I have just let her sleep on her belly and she has been sleeping great. :-) It still makes me worry though.
We are still working on teeth. She has 0 teeth at 7 months. Eli got his first tooth the day before he turned 6 months and Jude was right around 7 months. We will see when miss Isabel gets her first tooth.
I never got around to posting her stats after her 6 month appointment so I will add them here. She had her appointment when she about 6months and 1 week.
6 month stats:
14lbs 10 oz 25-50%
26 3/4in 90%
She is still long and lean. I keep hearing that she looks little and there are times where I see that but most of the time I just think about how big she is getting and she just seems big to me. She is long and she is growing through her sleepers and one piece outfits so quickly. She is also is a size 4 diaper. They look HUGE on her but man that girl knows how to fill a diaper. If we had some extra cash I would seriously consider cloth diapers because I am tired of dealing with blowouts.
Ok now to the fun part, of course I took a few pictures today!

My sweet Isabel at 7 months

She has the biggest open mouth smile all the time!

We are still working on sitting up and she is almost there

Such a silly girl!:-)

3 most adorable kids I know!

Isabel and her Pooh Bear at 7 months!

This little Pooh rattle is her FAVORITE toy! Her face just lights up when she sees it and if she sees it she has to have it in her hands!Uh oh, what happened :-) Laying on Pooh bear

Look who else wanted in on the picture fun :-)

Love her beautiful eyes! I tried to get our monthly sleeping on pooh picture but after 6 consecutive months I wasn't able to get it. She woke up and gave me a smile, such a cutie. :-) And did you see the Giants won the Superbowl!! We were pretty excited about it!

Friday, February 3, 2012

All Ready for Preschool

Eli is SOOOOO excited about going to preschool next fall. He talks about it all the time. On Tuesday we were able to check out a local preschool. It was so nice to be able to take just Eli and have this special time with him. We got to meet his teacher and see the classroom and even got a tour of the entire school. It was so neat to see him walking around and interacting with others. He would have loved to stay and start preschool right away. Isabel and Jude had fun with Grandma while we were gone.
Since I taught preschool before Eli was born I know that he is right where he needs to be developmentally and wouldn't necessarily need preschool but I think that the preschool experience is much more than that. I think he will really benefit from being around a group of kids his age. I also think it will be good for him to be away from me and to have to listen to someone else. He is with me ALL THE TIME and I think preschool will be good for him. He is absolutely ready, now I have 6 months to prepare myself for this big step. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it. I will be ok, I will be ok. :-) Of course I had to snap a picture while we were there. :-)

All ready for preschool and looking so big

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wonderful Weather

I cannot believe this mild winter we are having. I am definitely not complaining. I wish we would have had more opportunities to get out and enjoy it. The kids and I did get outside last night for a walk. The boys were thrilled to be outside and to be able to run around for a bit. It is much colder today and I am sure winter will hit us again but I would be perfectly ok with jumping right ahead to spring. :-)

Best Buds

We always have to stop at this rockRunning!So happy to be outside:-)

Isabel had a good time on the walk to!

We love our Beco!!!!