Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Super Heros!

Eli and Jude love to dress up like super heros. My sister in law Beth told me about Super Hero night at chick fil-a and we had to go! There were balloons, ice cream, air brushed tattoos, the chick fil-a cow, and if you came in costume you got a free entree! The boys were so excited to get to wear their costumes out of the house! It was a very fun night!
My super kids!

I don't think Batman has ever looked this adorable!

Super Cow!

Waiting for his tattoo

Getting their tattoos

Eli got a shark!

Jude got a skull(I tried to talk him into something different but he told me this was a happy guy) :-)

Having fun with their balloons!

We love these super hero shirts

They have detectable capes!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Up She Goes!

Isabel finally managed to pull herself up today. She has been getting up on her knees for over a month now but was too wobbly to get to her feet. Not anymore! :-)

We Love Boomer!

I heard the Boomer and the Indiana Pacers fan Jam was going to be at a local bank today so of course we had to check it out! I love seeing how excited the boys get to see Boomer and I think we are lucky that we find several opportunities to do this. Their ear to ear smiles say it all!

Jude and Eli with Boomer

Eli getting an autograph

Jude getting an autographBoomer was silly and criss crossed Eli's velcros on his shoe. Eli thought it was cool but had to switch it back right away so you could see spiderman better on his shoe. :-)
The boys we super excited the Boomer signed their hats!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Not So Comfortable

Isabel has been doing great about putting herself to sleep lately for her naps. (bed time is hit or miss, tonight was a miss) I can lay her down awake and she will play for a bit and eventually go to sleep. She usually falls asleep in the most awkward, uncomfortable positions. It's easy to see that she was sitting up playing, leans over onto one of her taggie blankets and falls asleep. :-) I always go and check on her a few after she gets quiet and almost every time I have to move her into a more comfortable position. I don't know how she falls asleep like that. Here is an example from today.

Then I helped her out :-)

and here she is just hanging out tonight as I blog and try to get her to sleep.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Dentist, Easter Bunny and the Dr

I had a day off last Friday so of course we made sure it was a very busy day. We started it off with the boys very first dentist appointment followed by a trip to see the Easter Bunny and then finishing it up with a check up at the Dr for all 3 kiddos. It was a fun busy day.

They boys did GREAT at the dentist. We had been talking about it for a few weeks because I wanted the boys to be prepared. Eli was very excited about it but Jude was a little nervous. I thought we would just have Eli go first and Jude could watch so he wouldn't be nervous. Once we got back there they had 2 people working on them side by side. I could see that Jude was nervous but I held his had and kept telling him he was doing great. The assistant that was working on him was perfect! She is meant to work with little kids. She talked him through everything and showed him what everything was to calm him down. The lady that worked on Eli wasn't as kid friendly but Eli did fine. Both of the boys got perfect scores for their teeth and the dentist told us to just keep doing what we are doing! The boys had fun and were super excited about their new tooth brushes! I am so proud of my boys!

Waiting at the very cool Dentist Office

Eli getting his teeth cleaned and watching a movie at the same time

Jude getting his teeth cleaned

No teeth = no dentist just yet :-)

Eli with Dr Chad

Jude with Dr Chad

After the dentist we came home for a bit and to have some lunch and then headed out for a surprise. We were supposed to see the Easter Bunny the weekend before but Eli had been sick so we didn't get to so we added it in to our busy day off. The boys were very excited to see the Easter bunny and I knew they would be fine. I wasn't too sure how miss Isabel would do but I am happy to report there were no tears!

Eli giving the Easter bunny a hugAll 3 with the Easter BunnyJust checking him out!

To finish off our busy day off I took all 3 kids to the Dr for their check ups. Isabel needed her 9 month check up, Eli needed his 4 year check up, and Jude never really had his 2 year check up so I decided to take all 3 at once to get it over with. It was a long time to ask 2 boys to sit and be patient but they did great and all 3 got good reports from the Dr. I was curious to see all 3 of their weights. I really expected Jude and Eli to be close in weight. Sometimes I think Isabel seems big and sometimes I think she seems little. Here are their current stats and then for fun their comparisons at 9 months.

Eli at 4 years old

37lbs (50%)

39 1/2in (25%)

Jude at 2 1/2 years old

33lbs (75%)

36 in (25-50%)

Isabel at 9 months old

17lbs 1oz (25-50%)

27 1/2in (50%)

head 44 1/2in (75%)

Eli at 9 months 17lbs 4ozJude at 9 months 17lbs 8ozIsabel at 9 months 17lbs 1oz

I sure do love these 3 kiddos!

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Wonderful Easter Weekend!

We had such a wonderful Easter weekend. I feel so very blessed to have such a wonderful family to share the holidays with! Saturday morning we got up and went to an Easter Egg hunt with Mike's family. It wasn't the best designed Easter Egg hunt but the kids still had a blast. After the egg hunt we headed over to Grandma and Papa R's house for a yummy brunch and Easter fun.

Eli and Jude ready at the Egg hunt

The Easter Bunny was there too!

Isabel had fun too :-)

The 4 big cousins
John Paul almost 3, Jude 2, Madeleine 5, Eli 4

Saturday night we colored Easter eggs with the boys. Isabel had a few puffs while she watched. The boys had fun but it was getting close to dinner time so we kind of had to rush through it.

Eli checking on his green egg

Jude checking on his orange egg

Isabel enjoying her puffs

Sunday morning we got up and let the kids check out their baskets before we headed to church. We were surprised at the lack of reaction that we got from Eli. He looked at his basket and then went and sat on the couch. We asked him if he wanted to get his basket off the table to look at his stuff and he said no. Then as Jude was looking through his own basket Eli was getting excited about what was in Jude's, of course they had quite a bit of the same things. Finally I just put Eli's basket next to him and then he was excited about it. I'm not sure why it took him a few minutes. Isabel crawled right to her basket and right to the puffs. :-)

The kids Easter basketsEli

Finally checking out his basket

Jude checking his basketIsabel going for hers :-)

Trying on a pretty new bow!Checking out all his goodies

Yummy! She found her puffs!

Jude reading his new book
Checking out his shark squirter!

Our Bizzy Bee with her new Busy Bee :-)
Love these 3!

Elijah Kent

Jude Michael

Isabel Annette

We had a wonderful time at church. I was overwhelmed with how blessed I felt to be standing their with such a wonderful husband and 3 wonderful kids. I am so thankful for what God has given to me. After mass a lady came over to us and told us that our kids were the best behaved children she had ever seen in church. That is such a wonderful compliment. Of course if she could see the way they act at home she might not feel the same way. :-)

Dressed and ready for Easter Mass

After Mass we headed to my mom's for an Easter lunch and egg hunt. My mom hid over 500 eggs for 10 kids. Isabel even had 50 eggs full of puffs to collect. Of course that ended up being her playing with the eggs while Eli and Jude helped put the eggs in the basket for her. :-) The boys had a blast hunting down the eggs outside, especially their special big eggs filled with goodies. There were also little plastic carrots hidden with money inside them. 2 had $5 and the rest each had $1. Eli found both of the $5 carrots! It was so much fun to see the boys having running around looking for eggs. They had a blast. I am so blessed. :-)

Hanging out by the bunny at my mom's houseI tried to get a picture of Isabel and her 2nd cousin Addyson together but Addyson didn't like the bunny and started crying and then Isabel started crying because she doesn't like when others cry. Such cuties :-) Isabel all ready for her egg hunt. :-)The boys on the hunt for eggs! Eli with his big egg!
Jude with his big egg!
Jude was super excited about his new Mickey swim trunks from Grandma! And Eli was excited about Sonic!
It was such a wonderful Easter and I feel so very blessed.