Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Sickies

Yuck! Our house has been hit with a very yucky virus. It took a week and a half but it made it through all the kids in my daycare and it was no fun. It lasted 2-3 days for each kid and it started with a fever and sore throat. A couple of the kids got sores in their mouths and a couple of kids ended up throwing up from the virus, of course that was Eli and Jude. Isabel seemed to have the most mild case of it and I'm thankful for that but it has been a rough few weeks with lots of lost sleep. Today is the first day everyone is back to normal.
Isabel didn't have it too bad. Just a mild fever and loss of appetite for a few days. That meant lots of cuddles for mommy!

Jude got it next and was down for a few days. Poor guy.

Soothing his sore throat with an ice pop.

We thought the virus had missed Eli but it finally caught up to him and he had a few very rough nights, me too. He even had to miss cousin Grace's birthday party.

He was up from 12:30-4:30 am Sunday Morning getting sick every 20 minutes or so. My heart broke for him.

When Jude wasn't feeling well Mike went to get some Gatorade and came home with The Lorax as well. We have seen that so many times in the last week. At least it's a super cute movie! I snapped this picture at 1:45 AM when I was up with Eli.

Luckily it is gone and everyone is feeling better!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Jude!

I can't believe my little Blonde haired, blue eyed cutie is 3 today!  Wasn't he just born last week.  Time sure has gone fast these past 3 years.  Jude is an absolute joy to be around and he makes us laugh constantly.  He is such a big guy and so silly.  He really amazes us all the time.  He keeps up with Eli and can do pretty much everything his bog brother can.  He has been a non stop talker since he was 18 months old and can carry a conversation like a 5 year old. :-)  We sure do love this amazing little boy and made sure that he had a special day for his 3rd birthday!

My big 3 year old!  Jude Michael :-)
Ready to go get donuts with daddy!

With his Birthday doughnut that he picked out!
Isabel enjoyed a few bites of doughnut too!
Jude picked out a good one for Eli too!
Having fun with some party favors!
Jude LOVES Hulk!
Iron Man is Eli's favorite!

Not all of the Avengers were wanting to sit still for a picture :-)

Birthday Boy
Opening some presents
Ninja Turtle guys!

Captain America shield/frisbee!
A new Thor friend!
Did I mention he LOVES Hulk! :-)

Hulk muscles!

The big present
HULK HANDS!!!  This is what he REALLY REALLY wanted!

My very own Hulk!

Eli as Iron Man

My 3 Avengers :-)
Captain America Eli
Hulk Eli

A very muscular Captain America Jude

We are going to have LOTS of fun with all these costumes!

Mike and I even got in on the fun

Singing Happy Birthday

Blowing out his candles

Mommy and the Birthday Boy

Daddy and the Birthday boy!
Happy 3rd Birthday Jude Michael!  Mommy, Daddy, Eli and Isabel love you very much sweet boy!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jude's New Scooter

Jude got a new scooter from his Papaw, my dad, and he was very excited to get outside and try it out!  Luckily we tried to put it together last night after Jude went to bed because we discovered it was missing a few pieces of the hardware.  We took it back and exchanged it for a better one!  Papaw also got Jude some safety gear and he LOVES his hulk helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards!  He is all set to go!
Jude is his new Hulk helmet!
Here we go!!!

Isabel ready to go!

Eli trying out the new scooter!
Getting a little help from Daddy
Such a Pro!

Going for a fast ride!

Eli is doing so great at riding his bike!!  I am so so proud of him!

He LOVES his new scooter!

Going for a ride!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Jude's 3rd Birthday Party!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Jude turning 3 (on August 14th) today with our family!  I can't believe my baby boy will be 3 in just a few days!  Jude had a Hulk/ Avengers themed party.  Hulk is his absolute favorite but we weren't able to find just Hulk decorations.  We did find a Hulk cake and he has his Hulk shirt so he was thrilled with his party!  Thank you to all of our family for helping make Jude's day so special!
Jude with his BIG balloon!

With his Hulk Smash cake!
Isabel all ready for the party!

Grandma reading with Eli and Madeleine

Isabel and Grandma
Grandma and the birthday boy!

Isabel enjoyed walking all around during the party!
Ready to open all his presents!

Pretty excited about some Ninja Turtles!
A Ninja Turtle car from Grandma and Papa!!  Super cool!

It's Thor!  Thanks Aunt Jackie!
He was so excited about this hulk that he giggled when he opened it!

His new scooter!!!
All ready to go thanks to Papaw!

Turning green like Hulk!
I think this picture captures the fun they were having together!
Cousin Madeleine was content finding bugs!
Cousins playing outside!