Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Isabel's Smile

Nothing is better than when your baby looks at you and gives you a big smile! Miss Isabel has a gorgeous smile and I love seeing it. She first smiled on August 8th, 1 day shy of 5 weeks. I got the first picture of her smiling on August 11th and since then she is smiling so so much! I LOVE IT!!!

Happy Smiley Girl

Monday, August 22, 2011

Love These 3!

A few weeks ago I (with the help of my mom) took all 3 kids to get their pictures taken. It needed to be done. Hanging on our wall were Eli's 2 year old picture (he is 3 1/2) and Jude's 1 year picture (he is 2). We also needed some pictures of Isabel. I have been taking so many pictures myself that I have been slacking on professional pictures.
I am very pleased with how these pictures turned out. I really wanted a good one of each of them individually and I hoped that we could get one of the 3 of them together but wasn't sure all 3 would cooperate. They did great!!! I am very pleased with how they turned out! Thank you so much for helping mom! I couldn't have done it without you!

Love these 3!

Elijah Kent 3 1/2
Jude Michael 2 Isabel Annette 5 1/2 weeks

Friday, August 19, 2011

Race Track Fun!

The boys LOVE the race track that Jude got for his birthday! They have had so much fun playing with it this week and tonight we got a little creative!!!

*** On my camera the boys are in the video the entire time, not sure why it got cut down.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Jude!

Today my sweet little Jude Michael turned 2. I can't believe he is 2 already. I still see him as my baby boy. He is such a sweet boy with a huge heart! I just love him to pieces!!! We have been talking about his birthday for such a long time and right from the beginning he said he wanted a Mickey party. I thought that was perfect because it seemed like it was a little boy theme and he is still my little boy. In June we took the boys to see Cars 2 in the theater and suddenly all that we heard in our house was Cars this and Cars that. Eli is really the one that is obsessed with Cars but since Jude likes everything Eli likes he changed his mind and decided he wanted a Cars party, such a big boy theme.
Jude was really into his birthday this year. His stuffed dog Scout plays music and one of the songs it plays is happy birthday and Jude loves it. Every time we put him in bed we have to find the birthday song for him. Whenever we would ask him what he wanted for his birthday it was always a McQueen party and McQueen balloons!
Today we had our family over for a little party, if you know our family you know that is a house full! It was such a wonderful party for Jude!! There were a few times where he was a little overwhelmed by the noise but he absolutely loved it!! A perfect day for a 2 year old!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Jude Michael!
Such a cool guy!Opening presents!!!

We love Boomer!!
Me and the birthday boy

Playing with his new race track!

The Cars cake!Jude ready

Our family of 5

Jude got a little overwhelmed when it was time to open presents at the party and just wanted to hold mommy. I didn't mind!

New hat from Papaw!

Sweet boy!

Singing happy birthday to himself!

Blowing out his candle!
The boys with cousin MadeleineCake time!4 little boy cousins

Luke 3, Sunjay 2, Jude 2, Eli 3
Lots of cousins = lots of fun!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Jude Michael!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Isabel at 1 Month

Sweet Baby Isabel Annette is 1 month old today!!! It is crazy how the last month of pregnancy drags on and the you have your baby and suddenly time flies. This past month has been wonderful! I love being a mom of 3! Isabel has been the perfect addition to our family. She is such a wonderful baby. At 1 month she is sleeping great at night. She generally is only waking up once to eat and then usually goes back to sleep pretty easily. We have really only had 1 rough night where I had a difficult time getting her back to sleep. Now sleep during the day is a different story. She falls asleep great in my arms and within a few minutes of me laying her down she is back awake. I have gotten used to doing pretty much anything with 1 hand. I got a moby wrap and have been using that a little bit and she will nap in there so that helps!

She is changing so much already. She is so much more alert now and she is really starting to look around and notice things. She really notices lights. She likes to sit in the boppy on the couch and look at the light coming in though the blinds. She is also starting to really focus on faces. She hasn't given us that big smile yet but I feel like that milestone is so close! She did have a big milestone in her first month. She rolled over twice!!! I know it wasn't at all intentional, she just got her self worked up while I was changing her diaper and managed to roll over on to her belly. Once at 2 1/2 weeks and once at 3 weeks. I was pretty impressed.

The boys absolutely love their little sister. They talk to her all the time and constantly want to help me with her. Jude loves to bring her blankets to me when I hold her but we have had to remind him a few times that he needs mommy or daddy there to help. He has tried to cover her up by himself a few times. Luckily he hasn't tried to pick her up. It is neat to see how they respond to her and I am excited to see how the react when she is able to respond to them.

Isabel had her 1 month check up yesterday to make sure she was still gaining weight. She is doing so well! In the last week she has gained 13 oz and finally passed her birth weight! She is still in newborn clothes but she is finally filling them out. It won't be long until she fits into her 0-3 months clothes. I am glad because we have so many 0-3 month summer outfits that I want her to wear before it gets too cool!

1 month stats:

8lbs 12oz 25-50%

21 1/2in 50%

Head 37 1/2in 25%

Isabel Annette 1 Month Old

Doing a little tummy time!

So strong already!With her Pooh (I am hoping to do this each month)

She loves him already!
And he loves her :-)Eli and Isabel
Jude and Isabel