Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Isabel's Stocking

Our kids are very blessed with 2 very talented grandmas!  Mike's mom has made each of our kids their Christmas stockings.  These stockings are GORGEOUS and I know my kids will cherish these always!  They are seriously the most beautiful stockings ever!  These stockings take a lot of hard work so they should have them by their 2nd Christmas.  Since she is about to have grand baby #7 in less then 6 years she has been constantly making stockings! :-)  
Isabel got her stocking today and it is just perfect for her!  I showed it to her and her eyes lit up!  She has loved looking at the other stockings since we hung them up this weekend so she knew exactly what is was!  She immediately  pointed to the little bear on it! :-)

Isabel with her beautiful stocking from Grandma

Finding the bear
Looking inside
They are all so different and so so gorgeous and just perfect for each of the kids!
Eli(22 months) in 2009 when he got his stocking
Jude(2) in 2011 when he got his stocking

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Decorating for Christmas!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!  We were able to celebrate with each side of our family over the past week.  We started off last weekend and had a very yummy Thanksgiving dinner with my dad, then we headed to my mom's for a big Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving day, and we finished with a delicious brunch Friday morning with Mike's side of the family.  We are blessed with such a wonderful extended family and we are so happy that we were able to celebrate with everyone.  It is always fun to see all the cousins together.
All the little Indian cousins at my mom's on Thanksgiving

I look forward to Black Friday shopping each year!  I think there has only been 1 year since we got married that I didn't go shopping and that was because we were in Alabama.  I was really looking forward to it this year because I didn't have to take any babies!  I met up with 2 of my sisters at Walmart and we helped each other out through out the store.  It was packed so at times it really helped to be able to leave the carts with 1 person and send someone else out to push through the crowd.  There wasn't too much that I needed to get but it was still fun and I was able to get some really great deals.  And bonus, I was home by 9:30!  I probably would have gone to another store, but Mike was home with a sick Isabel who needed her momma.  Poor baby had a very nasty cough and cold that she is still fighting.  Even though I was home from shopping by 9:30 PM it was still a pretty sleepless night taking care of my baby girl.

Since we were all home Friday afternoon we decided to set up our Christmas tree!  We have a new (to us) tree this year.  We now have the tree that my dad used for years and years.  It is a very nice tree and quite a bit bigger than our previous tree!  I love how it looks in our living room.  Someday I would like to get a real tree, but for now I am perfectly content with a fake tree.
The boys had a blast helping me decorate.  Isabel still wasn't feeling too well so she cuddled on daddy's lap and watched.  Of course in all the excitement of getting the new tree up and having to send Mike out to buy some lights for it I didn't take a single picture while we were decorating it.  Ugh, I am not very happy with myself.  The boys did a great job and had so much fun together.  Jude even put the star on the top and was so proud of himself.  I may have to reenact that shot. :-)  The tree looks great and the house looks great, I love this time of year!
The boys with the finished tree (even Reggie joined the picture)

Such handsome boys!
All cozy in front of the tree in their new black Friday jammies!

Monday, November 12, 2012

First Snow!

Today was the first snow fall of the season!  Eli was at school so he missed it, since it didn't last too long, but Jude and Isabel thought it was pretty cool!  It only snowed for about 90 minutes and by the end there was a little snow on the ground but it quickly melted away.  Hopefully we will have so good snow this year and the kids will get a chance to play in it.  We had such a mild winter last year that we didn't get a chance to play in the snow at all.

Jude and Isabel watching the snow fall
I couldn't keep Isabel away from the window!

She was pretty excited about it!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Pictures

I have been wanting to get outside and take some pictures of the kids for several months but for some reason I kept putting it off.  I thought that I had missed my chance since it is already into November but I was wrong.  We had gorgeous weather this weekend so we headed outside to enjoy it st our neighborhood playground and I was finally able to get some pictures of the kids! I really enjoy taking pictures.
My Loves!
I think they are pretty cute :-)
It's is not easy to get all 3 to look at the camera
Eli is getting so big and looking so grown up!
I can't believe he will be 5 in a few months
I am not ready for my baby to be so grown up
It was like pulling teeth to get Jude to look at the camera and smile
Love this silly guy!

My pretty little girl!
I love everything about this little girl
She was not in the mood for pictures today
But cute as a button!
Finishing up the morning with a muscle shot!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Random Ipod Pictures

I take so many pictures on my ipod each day.  I hate that I do it because the quality is terrible and I have such an camera that takes amazing pictures but my ipod is usually close by so I can grab it to snap a quick picture before some silly or cute moment is over.  I do still take quite a bit(too many if you ask my boys) pictures with my real camera so I will try and do a random picture post soon with those pictures too. 
These pics are all from October and November and if there seem to be more of Isabel it is because she is the easiest to snap pictures of (she doesn't tell me no!) and she is always doing something silly. :-)

Isabel enjoyed her dinner!

Eli made some pancakes and was sharing with Isabel!

Loving on her Pooh Bear

Preschool homework

Silly Jude :-)

Eli brought this home from school, I love it!

Oh Isabel

These 2 can be the best of buds most times

Look Mom, it's Fishy (Nemo)
This is how she sat and watched Nemo :-)

Silly girl, I think this blanket may become her butta :-)

Jersey and Mcqueen slippers so we added a skirt and bow to girl it up

A rare bath to himself, I think he enjoyed it!

She is starting to love her "friends" as much as her brothers do

Well hello Raphael!

Eli is getting so good with his letters

He has a handful of words and names that he can write all by himself!

He sure makes me proud

Couldn't make it to nap time

This girl cracks me up!

16 months old or 16 years old?

She loved her kitty Halloween outfit from Grandma and papa!

This girl loves books, especially Yo Gabba Gabba books

My super strong guy!

Jude and I built some towers while Eli was at school one day

The boys with their painted pumpkins!

This is how I found Jude one night

The cast didn't quite fit in the bucket

Getting a hair cut from Dr Jude

Eli is getting so big

Me and Eli, love him!

Jude and Aunt Jackie

Just relaxing!

Having a picnic

Checking out our pumpkin

Isabel and Papaw at cousin Kam's birthday party

Eli built a castle

Snuggling with his sea horse he has had since he was a baby :-)

Isabel loves when the windows are open

Always climbing

Reading her favorite book
Cutie in a hat!

Eli turned his glove into Iron Man blasters :-)

Mommy fail, check out her shoe

Yummy chocolate!

Our big tower!
Isabel loves painting!!

Her BEAUTIFUL leaf!!

Me and Jude while everyone else was still sleeping!

That is where she decided to sit

Another favorite book, she loves this little doggy :-)

The boys were playing dress up and Isabel wanted to dress up too :-)

Tony playing his leap pad

Naughty fishy!

Blue ring pop!

Blue ring pop!

Me and my big guy :-)
Me and Jude :-)

My boys!

Dipping his vanilla wafers in his pudding!

Isabel has been throwing some major fits lately.  I have been asking her if she wants to go in timeout and she has always said no and then stopped throwing her fit.  Well this day she said yes so I told her she could go in time out.  She walked over to it sat down and then gave the cutest smile. :-)

So the next day when she was throwing a fit I asked her if she wanted to go in timeout and she said yes, walked over to it and sat down.  Silly girl enjoys timeout.  We will see what she thinks of it when she is actually in trouble. :-)

Silly place to read a book. :-)

If this girl finds a bucket she must get in it!