Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treating!

Tonight we headed over to my sister Katie's house to do some trick or treating with my family. It was so much fun. All 4 of us sisters were there with our families. My mom came and brought 2 of my brother's kids with her. My dad and step brother came too, but they stayed in and watched football while we went out trick or treating. So Eli and Jude got to to go trick or treating with 8 of their cousins. We brought up the back of the pack with our 2 boys while the bigger kids ran ahead but it was so much fun. Eli loved walking from house to house to get candy. He even said trick or treat at each house. Jude wanted to walk the entire time, but he just wasn't fast enough for the rest of the group. I put him down on each sidewalk and let him walk up to the door and he loved that. We also got so many compliments on the boys costumes! I must admit that they were the cutest kids out!!! :-) I am not biased at all. Eli only made it about halfway through walking and then wanted daddy to hold him. Both boys had a great time and I am so glad that we are back in Indiana and were able to be with family!!! After we got home we let the boys dump out their candy to get a good look at it. They each got to pick out one piece of candy to eat. Jude was a little sad when the candy was gone. :-) The boys had such a wonderful Halloween and were so worn out tonight at bedtime!!!
Grandma with 10 of her 15 grandkids!
Daddy and Eli trick or treating
Eli trick or treating with Aunt JackieJude took a little break in the grass!My little dinosaurAunt Jackie was a great help tonightEli checking out his lootJude checking out his goodies!!Show mommy your candy!!!Its all gone baby

Happy Halloween!!

We hope you have a ROOOOAAARRRING good time!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Fun

Last night we carved our pumpkin. Eli was so excited about it. He has been talking about it ever since we got our pumpkin. We asked him what he wanted to carve into the pumpkin and he told us a happy face. I printed off 4 different patterns; a happy face, silly face, a cat face, and Mickey. I really expected Eli to pick the cat or Mickey but he decided on the silly face for our pumpkin. Mike got started and cut the top off and then the boys helped get the seeds out. Eli is not a fan of having yucky stuff on his hands but he did help for a few seconds. Jude didn't seem to mind the yucky stuff at all. Both of the boys had fun! After they got it all cleared out I got the honor of carving it. While I did the carving the boys had fun coloring a pumpkin picture. This was the first time that Jude has really colored and he had so much fun and really did a great job. Of course we had to remind him several times to not put them in his mouth! Eli absolutely loves to color but for some reason his favorite color to use is black. It was such a fun evening and something that I enjoy doing with our family every year!!
Checking out whats inside the pumpkin
Eli is such a good helper!
Jude had a blast helping!
Watching Mommy carve the pumpkin
Eli coloring his pumpkinJude coloring his pumpkinMy pumpkins' pumpkins

Eli and our silly pumpkin

Jude and our silly pumpkin

We are so excited for Halloween this weekend!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back to Daycare

I am back in the daycare business now. I have enjoyed my time off since the move but I knew it was only temporary until I could find a few kids to watch in this area. I was actually starting to get a little worried that I wasn't finding anyone to watch but now I am back in full swing. I have been watching a 3 month old for about a month now. She is only here 2 days a week from 7am to 1pm. This week I also started watching a 2 year old little girl and her 6 month old brother. The little boy is coming every day and the little girl will only be here 2-3 days a week. I am very happy that Eli has a playmate close to his age and they play great together. Today was the first day that I had all 3 plus my 2 boys. For the most part it was fine, but for some reason neither of the babies wanted to nap this morning and just wanted to be held. We made it through and I really enjoyed the peace and quiet of nap time this afternoon!!!

Since there are babies in the house again I have had to bring out ALL the baby stuff. Our living room is now cluttered with the swing, bouncy seat, bumbo, baby mat, exersaucer, and other various baby toys. These things take up soooooooo much space, but they are an absolute necessity to have with these 2 babies. And of course now that I have brought this stuff out both of my boys have had to try them all out. I have caught them both in the bouncy seat and the bumbo several different times. Jude can't quite get into the bumbo by himself. I even caught Eli trying to climb into the swing the other day. :-) Eli also got himself stuck in the exersaucer. He climbed in by himself but managed to get both legs in the same leg hole and couldn't climb out. Jude would climb in the exersaucer by himself if he could but instead he just goes over and stands next to it and yells "Maaaaaa Maaaaa" until I put him in it. Such silly silly boys!
Eli in the bouncy seat

Jude in the bouncy seat

Jude in the bumboEli in the bumbo
Jude in the exersaucer
I am so happy that I am back to doing daycare. I can help provide for our family while Mike is still in school and still be at home with my boys. There isn't anywhere else I would rather be.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pacer's Fan Jam!

Today we took the boys to the Pacer's Fan Jam. It was so much fun and completely free!! Both of the boys love basketball and they loves seeing all of the Pacer stuff. The players played some silly games and Eli's favorite part was seeing Boomer's dunk show. The boys also got Boomer's autograph and a Boomer magnet (which Eli carried around all evening). On our way out we looked through the Pacer's shop and Eli found a stuffed Boomer that his going to tell Santa about! :-) It was really a fun day!
Mike and Eli with the Tyler Hansbrough cutout
Jude doesn't quite fit into Hansbrough's shoes
Daddy showing Eli some basketball stuff
Jude is the youngest draft pick!
Eli, Daddy and Boomer!
This is as close as Eli would get to the bouncy houses, too many rowdy kids.The Pacemates
Mike and the boys on the court!!Eli ready for the players to come outWe had a blast at the Fan Jam!
2010 Pacers
Roy Hibbert trying to put a lamp shade on his head with a fishing poleMike Dunleavy stacking plates and pop cans
Jeff Foster stacking applesBoomer!!!
Boomer can jump!!!!!
Eli looks so little next to these two!
The boys hands aren't quite as big as Hibbert's Eli loves his Boomer magnet!