Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello Spring!!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today!!! It was a beautiful Spring day! I wish it would last but the temperature is supposed to drop 30+ degrees on Wednesday, BOOO! But since it was so nice today we had to get outside and enjoy it so we went to the little playground in our neighborhood. The boys had a blast. Eli would barely pause for a picture he was having so much fun and Jude was all smiles because this was the first time he could really play by himself. I can tell we are going to be spending a lot of time at the playgrounds once the weather turns nice for good.
Silly boy having fun
Crawling through the tunnel
A quick blurry smile
All by myself!!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Children's Museum

We decided to take the boys to the Children's Museum on Saturday. We figured since the Big Ten tournament was going on downtown and the St Patrick's Day Parade was also going on that it wouldn't be too busy. We were wrong. It was so packed. There was a brand new exhibit displaying costumes from movies that was opening that day. The new exhibit included several Star Trek costumes which brought in quite a few people in their own costumes. We even saw a family with 2 little boys that looked like they were close to Eli and Jude's ages that were completely decked out in costumes included face makeup. It was a little crazy.
The boys had a blast! We had told them we were going to do something special so they were pretty excited. Jude even started saying "special" which sounded more like butt hole. :-) As we drove by the museum to park both boys loved the dinosaurs and Eli knew exactly where we were. He started talking about the dinosaur exhibit and then he got all excited and said "this is where we get to play with the sand!"
As we got into the museum we went to the dinosaur exhibit first and were a little surprised at how stand offish the boys were. Jude did not want me to put him down at all and it took Eli a little while to get into it but he eventually did. Jude spent the majority of the day clinging to Mike or me. I think the big crowd was overwhelming for him. Both of the boys had a great time and everyone was worn out by the time we got home. :-)
Eli and the crocodile in the Nile
This was as close as Jude would get to a crocodile, and he wanted to take it home
Eli had fun driving the buggy around
Jude and Daddy caught a ride from Eli
The boys got to wear capes in the costume exhibit
Indiana Jones!
The boys LOVED the Diego exhibit!Eli and Baby Jaguar!
Driving the Indy car
Eli just had to play in the sand!!!Finally tall enough to touch the dinosaur by himself!
Dressed like a dinosaur
A very big Bumblebee!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Big News!!!

Our family is getting bigger and I couldn't be more excited!! Our new little one is due July 13th but if this pregnancy is anything like the last 2 then our baby will be born the end of June. I am 21 weeks along and today we got to see our little baby at our ultrasound. We are having a beautiful baby GIRL and I can't wait to meet her!

Our Beautiful Baby Girl!

Definitely a girl!

I am going to get use to this!My 3 kids!