Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  We had such a wonderful night of trick or treating!  We were worried that it would be too cold, but it ended up being ok.  The kids still had to wear layers under their costumes, hats, and gloves but we didn't need our winter coats.  
We had a busy day so we decided to just stay home and trick or treat in our own neighborhood this year.  We have always gone with family before and we did miss them, but it was nice to just walk around for an hour and then walk home for the night.  There were several houses in our neighborhood handing out candy so we have plenty!
We found the PERFECT costumes for the kids this year!  Jude had gotten a Hulk costume for his birthday this year and after that their was no question about what he wanted to be for Halloween!  He had also gotten a Thor costume and Eli was excited to wear that even though Iron Man was his favorite.  A few weeks ago I came across someone selling an Iron Man costume (with muscles!) for $4!  Eli was so EXCITED to be Iron Man.  I had wanted to get Isabel a Nemo costume for a few months since she LOVES her little Nemo fishy!  I had been checking on Ebay but they were all going for $35-$50 and there was no way I was going to pay that.  Then I found someone locally that was selling a perfect size Nemo costume for $15!  I couldn't pass it up and she sure made the cutest little fishy ever! :-) She loved it too!  She gets very excited when I put it on her!
Happy Halloween from Iron Man, Nemo, and Hulk!
 Eli got to wear his costume to school for his fall party so I got the other kids in their costumes also to surprise Grandma when she came to take Eli to school!  Eli had a blast at his party!  He told me they had a costume parade, treats, played fun games, and didn't do any learning stuff. :-)  He also said there was another Iron Man there but he didn't have any muscles.

Iron Man ready to blast!
Hulk ready to SMASH!
Cutest little Fishy ever!
Isabel has a slight obsession with these Hulk hands!

Trick or treating!
I love their hats with their costumes!
Iron Man was fast running from house to house!
Hulk was a little bit slower and then needed mommy to carry him for a bit on the way home :-)
The fishy had a blast going trick or treating!

They had a blast but were ready to be done :-)
The loot!
Isabel's goodies! 
Jude was the most excited for his orange nerds and that was what he picked for his candy for the night!
Eli picked white nerds!
So silly :-)
Isabel enjoyed her cheese balls!  She was pretty excited that it had Mickey on it!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Time!

Since we are only a few days away from Halloween we decided we better carve our pumpkin. :-)  We asked the boys what they wanted to put on our pumpkin and they decided they wanted it to be a happy pumpkin like Spookly the Square Pumpkin.  In the past we have done a dog, kitty bat, Purdue, Hawkeyes, and a Dinosaur so I was happy to do a simple happy face and this allowed for the boys to do some of the carving too!  Everyone had a blast and it turned out great even though the stem broke off the top.

Getting started!
Ready to dig in and get dirty!
Its gooey!!
Jude was so ready

And had lots of fun!!
Checking out the pumpkin with my pumpkins!

Isabel wasn't too sure about it

But she did finally touch it! :-)

Then she was happy just to watch the boys dig in

Jude helping trace on the face
Eli helping trace on the face
The finished pumpkin!!
Isabel just kept smiling after the boys got up so I kept taking pictures

All lit up!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pacer's Fan Jam

For the 3rd year in a row we took the kids to the Pacer's Fan Jam.  It is so much fun and we have been looking for toward it since last year!  It's no secret that the boys LOVE Boomer and now Isabel does too, as long as he isn't too close. :-)
It is a totally free event, they even give out free hot dogs, chips, and drinks to the first 4,000 people.  The players scrimmaged, had a dunk contest, 3 point contest, and then they did some silly games like singing and dancing.  Of course the highlight of the night for the kids was seeing Boomer dunk!  The low point for me was when Isabel's diaper leaked as she was sitting on my lap but it was still such a fun fun day!!

Boomer, Eli, and Jude!

A big Boomer hug for my boys!
2011 on the left and 2012 on the right :-)

Wow, those are some big shoe prints!

Don't they look so excited :-)

Ready to watch them play ball!

Go Pacers! 

Mommy and Isabel cheering them on!

Not a great picture but Boomer came to see us in our seats!!

Isabel was clapping and cheering and dancing the entire time!  She LOVED it!

A little blurry, but LOVE them!


He is pretty cool!

Checking out the Pacer's court!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Neighborhood Fall Fest

Today was the first Halloween/Fall Festival in our neighborhood.  Actually it is the first big get together our neighborhood has put on at all.  They had a chili cook off, pumpkin patch, games for kids, a coloring contest, a fire truck was there for the kids to check out, and the kids got to wear their costumes.  We had a lot of fun although we didn't stay too long since it was super windy and pretty chilly.  The boys got to color their pictures before we went and then we took them with us.  Isabel got to paint a pumpkin while the boys colored their pictures.  This was her first time painting ever and she LOVED it!  She never once tried to eat it or put the paint on anything but the pumpkin and she through a big fit when I took it away.
Eli with his picture for the coloring contest.

Isabel was excited to paint her pumpkin!

She had a blast with it!
All done!

and just a little on her hand!

Nemo, Thor, and Iron Man all ready to go to the festival!

With their pumpkins they picked in the little pumpkin patch

Tony :-)

Playing the bean bag toss game
Isabel had fun hanging out in the stroller

Eli checking out the fire truck
Jude in the fire truck


The coat was just a little big!

My muscle men with out little fishy!

Halloween cake pops!