Monday, August 31, 2009

Jude's First Bath

Jude's cord fell of on Saturday (15 days old, Eli lost his 11 days old). So last night we were able to give him his first real bath. He cried when I first put him in the water, which I figured he would, but then he calmed down as I started pour the water over his body. Unfortunately the calmness only last a few seconds before he was screaming his head off. So the bath did not last that long. Eli's first bath went great and he still loves his baths. Hopefully Jude will get used to his bath. After his bath he was awake for a little bit and I was holding him on my lap. As he laid there I could just feel his body relaxing and in just a matter of a few minutes he was sound asleep. It was too cute!

Belly Button with no cord!

First Bath

Relaxing after his bath

Here are a few more random pictures I thought were cute

Sleeping away

Relaxing with Daddy

More Sleeping

Even more sleeping!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eli is 19 Months

My Big boy is 19 months old today!!! He has grown and changed so much in the last month. We have thrown a lot his way and for the most part he has adjusted very well to all of the changes. Now that we are home and it is just our little family he is starting to test us more and more. He thinks that the trash can is a fun new toy and suddenly he thinks the remotes are his and he can throw quite a fit when we say no. We also here the word no quite a bit through out the day. He is also getting his 4 eye teeth right now so I think that might be causing a little bit of crankiness. He is still my sweet little boy that I love so much!!! He is also great with Baby Jude. He knows to be careful around him and he hasn't shown too much jealousy yet. Although he doesn't seem to want to play with mommy unless I am the only one here. Here are a few pictures of my big boy!

He is still my sweet baby boy that love very very much!

Friday, August 28, 2009

2 Weeks

I can't believe that Jude is already 2 weeks old. I can already see how he is changing and growing. They change so much when they are newborns so I have to take lots and lots of pictures. Unfortunately Eli doesn't sit quite as still for pictures!

Jude Michael 2 weeks
Jude keeps scratching himself so he has to wear these mittens, thanks Irene
I was having fun taking pictures :) Isn't he adorable!!!

Eli wanted to join in on the fun!!

I know I have said this before, but we are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. This past week my mom has been here with us and it was such an amazing week. She helped out so much. She cooked and cleaned, but the best part was seeing her with the boys. Eli loved having her here. He didn't want me to play with him at all. She is such an amazing mom and grandma. It was very hard to let her leave today. I already miss her so much.

Monday, August 24, 2009

More Pictures!!!

Checking out his crib at home in Iowa

Sleeping on his blanket from Aunt Jackie

5 Days Old and Cute as Can Be!!!

Sleeping in Daddy's arms

Ready to watch the Colts play!!

Go Colts!!!!

Eli isn't too sure about holding Jude yet!

Jude 1 week old!!
Isn't my big boy just adorable!!!
Giving Jude a sponge bath

Eli wanted to help!

He didn't care for the bath, but once he was wrapped up he was fine!
His Mommy sure does love him!!!

"Mommy enough pictures already!"

The boys in there outfits from Aunt Jackie

Jude was worn out from all the pictures!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hospital Visitors

Visitors!!! We are so blessed to have the most wonderful familes there are and the best friends possible. I am so glad that everyone was able to come and visit in the hospital.


Aunt Tracy, Uncle Chris, Grace, Isaac, Lily, and Luke

Uncle Girish, Aunt Katie, Maya and Sunjay


Aunt Jackie



Aunt Beth

The Best Friends Ever!
Sam, Joanna, me, Irene, Tara

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jude Michael's Birth

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. In the last week I had little Jude and 4 days later we moved to Iowa. I now have the internet again and I am ready to be back to blogging. Here is how little Jude arrived!

I was all ready and prepared to be induced on Saturday. I had my list of things to get done on Friday so there wouldn't be anything to do once we got out of the hospital. Well Jude had a plan of his own. I woke up at 5:00 AM to go to the bathroom and had some minor cramping, I had been having this for the past couple of weeks so I was kind of annoyed. I thought to myself that if it wasn't going to turn into anything it just needed to stop and went back to bed. At 5:20 I realized that the cramps were turning into contractions and I should see how close together they were. Right away they were 4 minutes apart. I laid in bed til about 6:00 timing them. I then decided to go downstairs and drink a glass of water to see if they would slow down. They were still coming every 4 minutes and getting stronger so at 6:30 I decided to call the Dr and he said to come on in. We got to the hospital shortly after 7:00. They got me into a room and started asking me all these pointless questions all the while my contractions are getting quite a bit stronger. Around 8:00 they finally checked me and I was already 5 cm dialated. I remeber with Eli I went from 5 - 10 really fast so I went ahead and got my epidural. It kicked in quickly and felt wonderful. Unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy it for too long. The Dr came in to break my water and my contractions were coming one on top of the other and causing me to feel dizzy and light headed to the point where I was sick. I felt very weak and tired. That finally went away only to be replaced by chest pains. The gave me a shot of terbutaline to try and slow down the contractions. I was checked again and at 10 cm, baby Jude was still a little high so the Dr asked if I wanted to try pushing. At that point the chest pains were too bad to push so we waited a little bit. The nurse finally tried sitting me up just a little bit and instantly the chest pain was gone and it was time to push. With Eli I pushed for about 2 1/2 hours, with Jude it was about 30 minutes before he was born!!!!

He came out screaming, but had to be checked out immediately by the NICU team because there was meconium in my water. It was so heartbreaking that I wasn't able to hold him right away. Luckily they checked him out in my room and he was absolutley perfect. It was really only a few minutes until I was able to hold him in my arms.

The next few days in the hospital had their ups and downs. I was absolutely amazed at how well I felt. I had no problems getting around, and I barely needed any pain medicine. Jude did really well at each little check up, but he just wasn't eating the best. He just wanted to sleep all the time and wasn't taking to nursing. They kept checking his blood sugar and it was always fine and since he was going to the bathroom they weren't to worried. When the pediatrician came to visit on Sunday he said that he wanted Jude to have 2 good feedings before we left. We were supposed to leave after his 48 hour check at 12:30 PM. I kept trying to feed him but he just wasn't into it. Finally the lactation consultant suggested pumping and using a bottle. Luckily that seemed to work. We got him to eat 2 good meals and were able to leave around 6:00 PM and we were all very ready to go home.

We left the hospital on Sunday and took a couple days to rest and pack and on Tuesday we packed up and moved to Iowa. I know a lot of people were worried about me driving out to Iowa, but I really felt fine and just needed to be in my own home. The traveling went so well, better than we could have imagined. Mike had the dogs in his car and I had the boys in my car. We left in the morning and stopped for. Mike took Eli in and fed him. I fed Jude in Mike's car to keep the dog's cool and then I ate my lunch when we were back on the road. Jude didn't make a peep the entire ride. Eli watched his video before lunch and then took a nap after lunch. He was getting a little fussy the last hour but I knew it would be worse if we stopped. We are all so happy to finally be home and settled in and Jude is nursing just fine now.

My mom is here to stay for the week to help out with the boys since Mike will be starting school and work on Monday. I am so thankful that she is here. We are blessed with such wonderful families.

Here are a few pictures, there will be more soon!