Saturday, December 24, 2011

All Ready For Santa!

The kids are all tucked in bed sound asleep and ready for Santa to come. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and are ready to celebrate this wonderful holiday as a family.
Eli, Isabel, and Jude all ready for Santa to come!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Time

We have had a busy December and have had lots of fun getting ready for Christmas. Unfortunately my computer has been on the fritz so I haven't been able to blog much. I have quite a bit to catch up on :-) Here are a few pictures of our Christmas preparations!

We went to my mom's the first weekend in December. The boys loved her snowmen!

We had to get Isabel in there!We walked to a craft bizarre and this is how I kept Bizzy warm.Ready to decorate the tree! Checking out the lights togetherPutting the star onHe was so proud!Putting on the ornamentsWith her name on the Christmas tree skirtWith the treeEli's stockingJude's stocking

Isabel's stockingAll 3 :-)

We have been having a blast making crafts but I haven't taken too many pictures of them.

Painting ornamentsPainting a Christmas wreathHe did such a good job!Decorating Christmas cookies

Eli was so excited to eat this one that he decorated!

He called it the "most cookie" because it clearly had the most sprinkles!

Friday, December 16, 2011


We took the kids to see Santa this morning and it went great!! I wasn't sure how Jude would do since he wouldn't go near the Easter bunny last spring but to our surprise he ran right up to Santa! The boys have been talking about this for weeks and they were each able to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. They also colored Santa a picture and I helped them write a little note on the back of it and they got to put it in Santa's mail box today. I love seeing how excited the kids get!

Santa 2011

Eli putting his letter in the mailbox

Jude putting his letter in the mailbox

Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy 5 Months Isabel!

Our little girl is already 5 months old. I can't believe how fast these past 5 months have gone. Isabel is such a happy baby and brings us nothing but joy! I just love her to pieces! I can't get enough of her little laugh and her big smiles. She is growing up too fast! She has now mastered rolling from back to belly and does it almost instantly when we lay her down, although she doesn't like it when she gets to her belly. :-) This has made me a little nervous about night time. I am sure she would be fine if she rolled over and fell asleep on her belly but that just makes me nervous. She didn't roll over in her bed last night and she is usually a pretty good sleeper and will sleep between 10-12 hours at night. Now we just need to figure out a good nap routine. Right now she takes the best naps in the swing, but with her noisy brothers running around she usually gets woken up now. Here are a few pictures from today. I almost forgot to take her 5 month picture with her Pooh Bear but luckily Mike reminded me at dinner tonight.

Isabel Annette at 5 months

Such a happy little girl

Silly Girl
Getting so big!
Love her so much!
Isabel and her Pooh Bear at 5 monthsBig brothers wanted a picture too :-)
5 Months running on getting this picture!!!
Love it!:-)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Isabel Rolling Over!!

I laid Isabel down on her back on her play mat and went in the kitchen to cook dinner. A few minutes later I looked back at her and she was laying on her tummy!! Of course the first thing I do is grab my camera! I snapped some pictures of her on her belly and then I rolled her onto her back and she immediately rolled over to her belly again! I turned on the video camera and she rolled over again! I couldn't believe that she kept doing it, she definitely has it down! I am so so proud of her. She had rolled from belly to back twice over a month ago but I think that was more of a flook. My baby girl is getting so big!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Isabel's 4 Month Check Up

Isabel had her 4 month check up today, even though she is actually closer to 5 months old. :-) She is a very healthy little girl! She is 14lbs even and 25 3/4in long. That puts her in the 25th-50th% for weight and the 90th% for length. I have always said that she was going to be tall like her daddy because she has his long skinny toes. :-) She was supposed to get her 4 month shots today but our pediatricians office isn't doing vaccines right now so we have to get them through the health department. Hopefully we will get those soon since we are already almost a month behind schedule.
As always to make this post more fun, here are a few pictures from today:

My Pretty Little Girl!

I love her new headband!

She is getting so long!Those were excited to wear their new winter jammies tonight!

At almost 4 years old Eli still insists on wearing feetie pajamas! Look how excited he is!
Jude was excited about his Mickey jammies!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday!!

Isabel and I enjoyed some black Friday shopping at Walmart! We got there at 9:00, checked out at midnight, and then headed home! She was such a good girl!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

We Love The Moby!

I am so glad I have the Moby for Isabel and we use it every week! If I am taking all 3 kids somewhere by myself it is perfect to put Isabel in the Moby and the boys can either hold my hands, I can push the stroller or the cart with the boys in it. The boys have gotten to the point where they ask me if I've got the Moby when we leave the house. They have even had some Moby fun of there own!
Eli holding his monkey in his Moby!

Jude shopping like mommy, 2 kids in the cart and 1 in the Moby!

I do love my Moby, but as Isabel is getting bigger I can see that it will get harder to carry her in it for long periods of time. I am hoping to get an Ergo or a Beco for Christmas, a girl can hope! :-)

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall Fun

We have been having plenty of Fall Fun lately! The boys have loved seeing all the leaves change colors and start to fall. We have been talking so much about it and I love seeing them so eager to learn! We have actually had such great weather lately and have taken full advantage of it! Yesterday we headed to our neighborhood playground for probably the last time this year. While we were there the boys discovered the swings. I have tried to show them how to swing on their bellies before but they didn't want to try. Yesterday Eli saw some girls doing it and after they left he had to try it out. What do you know, he LOVED it! :-) Jude tried it too but he wasn't quite tall enough for these swings. Today the weather has been chilly and windy so we stayed inside and did some fun fall crafts. I love that the boys are getting into craft time! Takes me back to my teaching days!

Eli LOVING the swings!

Jude had fun at the playground too!Isabel's favorite thing to do at the playground :-)

Doing some reading today Our Fall trees
Colorful turkeys