Saturday, January 5, 2013

Isabel Annette at 18 Months

Isabel is officially closer to being 2 than 1.  How in the world is that possible?  It sure has gone by quickly and I hope the next 6 months slow down.  I am not ready for my baby to be a big girl but she sure seems in a hurry to grow up.  She is such a climber.  She has now mastered climbing on the couches no problem.  We used to block her out of the kitchen but now she climbs on the loveseat and tries to climb over the arm to get to the kitchen.  She also likes to climb on the kitchen chairs to try to get onto the table.  I have resorted to putting the chairs that don't have booster seats on them on top of the table just to keep her down.  She definitely keeps me busy.  Her vocabulary has exploded lately.  She can repeat almost anything we say and she is starting to put words together!  Her most common sentence is "Maggie pretty." :-)  I love to hear her sweet little voice!  She is also quite the eater and her big ole belly gives that away!  She can eat as much as the boys most days and she isn't to picky.  She loves pasta and bananas and seems to get messy no matter what she is eating.  Her hair is finally starting to grow and I am excited to be able to play with it!  We got in our first set of pigtails and they were adorable, even if Mike thought they were silly!  Hopefully she will let me do her hair more often so I can get some practice.  Her hair is so thin, it isn't the easiest to do anything with.
Isabel at 18 months

She loves books
She is such a sweetie
Making mommy pretty
LOVE her to pieces!

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